Punching Bags

Leather Punching Bag

Leather Punching Bag 35x110cmThe Leather Punching Bag is a professional punching bag suitable even for the most demanding users. The cover is made of 3.5-4mm thick genuine leather ..


Filling box bag

The punching bag is designed to train efficient technique of strokes, good posture and kick practice. It is suitable for boxing, kick-boxing and other fighting sports.Technical des..


Leather MMA Punching Bag

Leather MMA Punching Bag The Leather MMA Punching Bag is a specially shaped punching bag suitable not only for practicing all kinds of kicks and punches but also for various g..


Hook Training Punch Bag

Leather MMA Punching Bag We offer a specific design with the widened upper part, which makes it ideal for the training of the hooking technique. Featuring high-quality materia..


Elite Punching Bag

Elite Punching BagThe Punching Bag is a high-quality punching bag suitable for beginners and fitness training. The cover is made of high-density PVC, making the punching bag extrem..


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